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Exploring the

Inside the SMC Lab, we’re not just observing science journalism; we’re actively shaping it. Serving as an essential segment of the Science Media Center Germany, we’re pioneering advancements in how scientific discoveries and understanding reach the public.

This blog is your front-row seat to our work, offering a firsthand look at innovative projects, profound research, and our commitment to making science and news accessible for all.

But this is not all! We also focus on equipping journalists with the tools they need for tomorrow. We work at the intersection of data journalism, AI technology, and analytic tools to create a holistic approach in storytelling and information dissemination. And, best of all: you can use it for free & without attribution to us!

Let us blaze a trail through the forest of data for you – so you can use only the relevant parts in your next project!

Data analysis

You might know our data reports. But how do we create those? Which data stories work great, which don´t? Which projects did we start, just to scrap them later on? Why wouldn´t they work? What would it take, to make them work?

Those questions and many more will be answered here. However, our curated data sets can be found on the Public Issues Data Guide.

Paving a path

Long term projects

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    Journalistic Information Extraction

    The European AI Fund exists to promote a diverse and resilient civil society ecosystem working on policy around AI. We were really encouraged to receive […]

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    Augmented Science Journalism

    How can the science journalism of the future be technologically strengthened? In the Research Project Augmented Science Journalism, innovative subprojects will be developed and worked […]

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