Augmented Science Journalism

How can the science journalism of the future be technologically strengthened?

In the Research Project Augmented Science Journalism, innovative subprojects will be developed and worked on that address these and other challenges of science journalism:

  • In order to strengthen and qualitatively secure the observation of science by science journalism, advanced methods for automatic information extraction will be transferred into services for journalism about science. In addition, scalable automated contexts for the content classification of new studies and for the assessment of the reputation of research results on preprint servers are to be generated.
  • The possibilities for collaboration between science journalists will be expanded by adapted tools for the collaborative collection and validation of data as well as for the web-wide annotation of scientific studies.
  • New forms of presentation such as model-driven fact sheets or new concepts such as structured news are to be developed, tested and technically implemented in the form of prototypes for science journalism topics.